Previous editions

Here are the projects of winners and finalists of the editions of the contest MakeMore.

2016 edition

Project background: Future Memories And Re-Innovation​
Make More 2016 explored the relationship between innovation and tradition. What would appear at first glance to be an oxymoron is, instead, the fundamental basis for true innovation, which stems from a radical negation of the pre-existing credo or from its equally radical transformation.
From this standpoint, words such as re-utilise, re-member and re-new acquire a fresh cultural and social significance and, more importantly, they become fundamental in terms of contemporary design.
Aside from the simple play on words, the prefix "RE-" can open up new approaches to a re-appraisal of the kitchen, both as a room and in each of its specific areas, as well as the various functions and daily rites which take place there, by looking at the accessories and multi-purpose furniture which represents an intelligent and sustainable evolution.
The finalists, announced at the end of January, 2016, were selected by a jury comprising representatives of the company and some of the company's major partners.

2015 edition

Project background​
The central aim of MakeMore 2015 is to explore the theme of Experience Extension. The term "extension" derives from the verb "to extend" – in other words, to stretch something out, increase its dimensions and augment its significance and the effects that it can produce.

2014 edition

These are the projects, selected by the jury, that have reached the final stage of the contest MakeMore 2014.
These objects are the best examples of traditional craftsmanship that meets the art of woodworking by Veneta Cucine and the contemporary design.