Veneta Cucine and the partners in MakeMore  2016

The Make More 2016 contest is promoted by Veneta Cucine in conjunction with the Department of Design at the Politecnico di Milano, and with the support of Marmo Arredo, SAIB, SCILM and the two Maltese partners, Mcast and Fino.

Veneta Cucine

The Veneta Cucine Group is Italy's leading platform for the manufacture of kitchen furniture. Its mission is to produce kitchens by placing its skills and craftsmanship at the service of changing tastes, with the ultimate aim of making design an affordable concept.

Polytechnic University of Milan Design Department

The Department of Design at the Polytechnic University of Milan is the first University faculty in Italy whose statute contemplates research and teaching activities in the field of design.

Marmo Arredo

For more than four decades, Marmo Arredo has been engaged in the transformation of natural and engineered stone for use in the building and furnishing industries.
Modern technology and expert craftsmanship form a solid basis for the company's activities. Automated production lines featuring the most sophisticated CNC units and anthropomorphic robots operate side-by-side with expert personnel who carefully and skilfully perform the finishing operations and assure the strictest quality control.
We manufacture a range of items, from industrial products to architectural elements: elements in stone and quartz, perfectly suited to the standard modules produced by leading furniture manufacturers, as well as specific elements designed and custom-made for the building industry, architects and interior designers.

The future of the company lies in constant research, which over the years has resulted in numerous innovations and patented products.
The following products and exclusive to Marmo Arredo:

  • Invisible Line®, which eliminates the joins in quartz surfaces for infinite sections
  • Built-in sink, for perfect continuity with the top
  • Textured stone - for a custom-designed decorative surface
  • Shield and Top Cleaner anti-bacterial treatment for the protection and care of surfaces in quartz and stone


SAIB is one of Italy's leading manufacturers of unfinished and faced fibreboard panels.



Scilm is a company/workshop that for almost 40 years has been engaged in creating innovative concepts, developing them in their research facilities and transforming them into high-value components for kitchens and furniture in general. Scilm specializes in the design and manufacture of structural and aesthetic elements in plastic and aluminium, and offers its client a wide range of custom-designed solutions and products.



The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST), founded in 2001, is the country's leading educational and professional training institute.




C. Fino + Sons Limited was founded in 1935, and is today one of Malta's oldest and best-known furniture stores, with over 3,000 m2 of showrooms.