Make More 2016 explored the relationship between innovation and tradition. What would appear at first glance to be an oxymoron is, instead, the fundamental basis for true innovation, which stems from a radical negation of the pre-existing credo or from its equally radical transformation.

From this standpoint, words such as re-utilise, re-member and re-new acquire a fresh cultural and social significance and, more importantly, they become fundamental in terms of contemporary design.

Aside from the simple play on words, the prefix "RE-" can open up new approaches to a re-appraisal of the kitchen, both as a room and in each of its specific areas, as well as the various functions and daily rites which take place there, by looking at the accessories and multi-purpose furniture which represents an intelligent and sustainable evolution.

The finalists, announced at the end of January, 2016, were selected by a jury comprising representatives of the company and some of the company's major partners.


1st Prize: Re-novation award
FOGLI project designed by Marco Fiorentino

Fogli is an intelligent and eye-catching "re-interpretation" of the use of shelves and supports for use in the kitchen. The use of sharply-curved metal sheets is a sort of "oxymoron of material and form" which makes this project highly distinctive and projects lightness and firmness at the same time.

The excellence of Fogli's project is underlined by the economic and manufacturing feasibility of its clean lines and perfect balance, which make this product coherent with the values of Veneta Cucine.

2nd Prize: Re-spectful Award
RI-MOVE project designed by Alex Bartolomeo, Adrian Carbonere and Andrea Morellato

The ability to discover and "re-position" an extra support in the "work" area of the kitchen in an effective and coherent manner: this is the aspect that best illustrates the brilliance of the Ri-Move project.

This movable support/shelf is skilfully designed and constructed in technical and formal terms. It is designed to disappear and move to suit the flexibility and pace of our daily life in the kitchen - the ideal response to the new ways in which the kitchen is used.

3rd Prize: Re-spectful Award
THE EDGE project designed by Alberto Lago

The Edge is a coherent and perfectly-balanced re-interpretation of the traditional wall-mounted wooden rack. The rack can be arranged and configured as desired, and is thus an extremely versatile product, one which is perfectly in line with today's modern kitchens.

The strong identity of the product stems from the materials used: different types of wood make THE EDGE warm and attractive, and lead us to "re-think" the traditional Italian kitchen.

SPECIAL MENTIONS -  4th and 5th Prizes

4th place: Re-discovered Award, the most unusual and intriguing project.
UNSTABLE UFOS project designed by Stefano Cassar

The Unstable Ufos project is a table with a floating top, the fruit of an intriguing idea which ingeniously solves the design problem posed by the coupling between the top and the frame by using magnetic forces. This table, which can quickly be transformed into a seat, combines a dream with an eye-catching formal design whose every detail has been carefully studied, from the choice of the materials to the perfectly-balanced proportions.

5th place: Re-sonating Award, the project most effectively presented.
EAU DE CUISINE project designed by Kiana Jalali, Alice Guarisco and Alessandro Vitale

Life in the kitchen is perceived by all the senses, but the most stimulated is without doubt the sense of smell. Fragrances and aromas, some strong, others more delicate,  permeate the entire room, and the Eau de Cuisine project aims to "re-discover" a spray container for the liquids commonly used in cooking, by creating and designing an elegant yet sturdy perfume bottle.

Eau De Cuisine projects its strong identity with the use of precious materials, highlighted by the eye-catching nature of the form and of every aspect of the product: it is poetic story-telling, intense and carefully prepared.